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Extracts from the of Local Council of Small and Medium Enterprises Craiova statute

CLIMM Craiova has as goals promoting and defending the economical interests of the small and medium enterprises from Dolj County, in fields like production, commerce, finance, legal matters in the relationships with the Public Authorities and with other bodies and organizations from Romania and overseas; stimulating, through specific ways, the privatization and the founding of new SMEs with private capital or foreign investment in terms of maximum profit for business partners.

Art.2. Local Council of Small and Medium Enterprises Craiova – called CLIMM Craiova, is a Romanian, independent, non-profit, non-governamental and apolitical juridical personality.

Art.6. CLIMM Craiova has as a mission:

- Promoting and defending the rights and interests of Private SMEs at national and local level and promoting and defending the interests of Private SMEs in relationships with the Public Authorities and with other bodies and organizations from Romania and from overseas.
- Stimulating, trough specific ways, the privatization and the founding of new SMEs with private capital or foreign investment.

Art.7. CLIMM Craiova has as main activities:
- Interventions to the Public Authorities concerning the participation of the representatives employers’ federations representatives of the private enterprises, interventions to the commissions of local interests which look after the problems of the commercial enterprises.
- To collaborate with national employers’ federations that it might join, with trade unions, chambers of commerce and other organizations of the local, regional or national business community and local, regional administration in order to choose the best solution for its members.
- Defending the rights and interests of its members at national and local level.
- To action in all fields to create a stimulating environment for the found, the function and development of the SMEs.
- To accelerate through specific ways the privatization process, the forming and the development of private SMEs, as the encouragement of the foreign investors in the start and develop such an enterprise.
- To stimulate the setting up of international economic and co-operation relationships in the best interest of private SMEs.
- To encourage the co-operation among the companies members of the employers and professional organizations within federation, in order to increase their profit
- Providing assistance for SMEs from the area, in fields such as: economic, managerial, social, technical, financial, educational and juridical.
- Rendering the public opinion sensitive regarding the problems of the SMEs from the area, elaborating and financing, for this goal, studies, analyses, opinion-polls and public information.
- To action in order to ensure the legal, the professional ethics and the provisions concerning the concept of loyal competition in the economic activity.
- To initiate, conceive and implement projects from different donors.
- To perform professional training.
- To perform research- development focussed actions.
- To award scholarships to young people (depending on the financial means of the association or by attracting sponsors).

Art. 8. CLIMM Craiova can participate, in legal conditions, to establish of the production units, services, commercial units and of other nature, necessary for the achievement of his goal and organizational mission.

Art. 9. Regarding the achievement of the goals specified in the statute, CLIMM Craiova can co-operate and associate in other organizations from the country, with the approval of General Assembly.

Art. 10. CLIMM Craiova will permanent collaborate with the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises from Romania regarding the harmonization of the actions taken to support the small and medium private enterprises.

CLIMM Craiova members – Rights and obligations:

Art. 11. Any tradesman, physical or juridical Romanian person, with private capital, established by legal conditions, family association, authorized physical persons, indifferent of their activity domain can be a CLIMM Craiova member. It also can be a CLIMM Craiova the member employers' associations at national, local level or having professional character.
The capital of the SME can be fully Romanian, foreign or mixed.

Art.12. It can be sustaining members of CLIMM Craiova different physical persons and juridical persons, non-governmental, apolitical, which they choose for this form or they don’t fulfill the statute conditions (for example, the representations of foreign enterprises in Romania).

Art.13. The CLIMM Craiova members have the following rights:
- To benefit of support, assistance and guidance in economic or production activity, corresponding to his activity domain.
- To receive information from CLIMM Craiova, regarding to the commercial, financials, banking, currency, fiscal, customs, juridical, marketing, managerial, technical, technological and other activity domains.
- To be protected against the unloyal competition and against the administrative and trade union abuses.
- To receive CNIPMMR publications, for charge or for free and in case, to publish articles, communications and claims.
- To benefit, for charge or for free by the training programmes
- To participate in technical and scientific events, seminars, conferences, exhibits, fairs and other activities at local level, organized by CNIPMMR and/or CLIMM Craiova.
- To receive juridical, economical, technical, financial, commercial assistance and in other domains from the specialized persons in CNIPMMR and/or CLIMM Craiova.
- To choose and to be chosen in CLIMM Craiova management and in Auditing Commission, as well as in CNIPMMR management.

Art. 14. The CLIMM Craiova members have the following obligations:
- To take actions for the realization of CLIMM Craiova activity object, regarding the fulfill the purpose in the statute.
- To respect the CLIMM Craiova statute and the decisions of the manangement body, to pay the register taxes and the monthly subscription.
- To respect the professional ethics standards and behaviour in relation with the other CLIMM Craiova members and with other partners.
- To militate for the increase of the prestige of both CNIPMMR and CLIMM Craiova.
- To participate at the actions organized by CNIPMMR and/or CLIMM Craiova.

Art.15. The member quality stops:
- by retreat; the retreat demand doesn’t need to be motivated.
- by exclusion:
o for not paying the subscription for a year.
o severe or multiple breach of the stipulations in the statute and of the decisions of the CLIMM Craiova management organism.
o pursuant to a conviction, by a finalize injunction for commitment a penal act.
15.1. The exclusion is proposed by the CLIMM Craiova management and it’s approved by the General Assembly.
15.2. The litigations are deposed within 30 days Directing Committee, which will respond in maximum 15 days, after the discussion to the person who is proposed to be excluded. For the Directing Committee members, the proposal for the exclusion is made and approved by the General Assembly.

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